Netvue Cloud: Global Cloud. Done Smart.


Introducing Netvue Cloud

Netvue Cloud is the centerpiece of Netvue's IoT products. The Cloud platform enables Netvue to provide the complete solution for its mobile internet-connected smart hardware. Connecting your hardware devices to Netvue Cloud with only few clicks to enjoy the state of art in the Smart Home-Security industry.

9 Years Based on AWS, Expanding Globally

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is the world's most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud platform. Since January 2012, starting collaborating with AWS, Netvue Cloud has been able to provide a more stable and secure date storage service, which allows you to gain access to your data from our global node distribution. It also enables the cloud platform to maintain within the 24-hour annual downtime cap.

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Netvue's journey of building a smart-home cloud platform and expanding globally by collaborating with AWS.

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Working with Amazon Alexa, Done Smart Together

Pro series

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  • Netvue Vigil Pro
  • Netvue Sentry Pro
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  • Continuous Video Recording
  • Event Video Recording
  • Human Detection
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Reliable and Safe

We value the safety and privacy of your data as much as you do. Netvue Cloud Platform is deployed in the worlds largest and most well-known US cloud service provider, Amazon Web Services, to ensure highly reliable and scalable data storage performance Your Data is safely encrypted and stored on the Cloud and only your personal account can access them. Your Privacy is in good hands.

Access Your Data Wherever You Are

Based on AWS's most extensive global cloud infrastructure, Netvue Cloud is able to distributed all over the world - North America, South America, Asia, and Europe. The cross-regional streaming media collaboration technologies allow you to get access to your data safely and quickly, no matter where you are.