Bird Recognition

Recognize over 6000 species of birds

Recognize 6,000+ bird species and never miss a moment. Save unique behaviors automatically, giving you time to cherish new experiences


Analyse en temps réel basée sur le cloud

Patented AI recognition technology runs automatically on Netvue Cloud to identify bird species.


Reconnaître plus de 6 000 espèces d'oiseaux en une seconde  

Fast-processing algorithms and extensive database empower Birdfy to discriminate between 6,000+ types of birds, even those that look very similar.

Try Bird Recognition Online

Send Immediate Notification of Bird Species

Obtenez des informations générales sur l'oiseau reconnu en jetant un coup d'œil rapide sur l'écran de votre téléphone.


Share Your Birds Paradise with Your Friends

Saves breathtaking pictures and videos of the birds for you to easily share unforgettable moments on your social media anytime, anywhere.

Squirrel Detection & Prevention

Netvue will notify you when detecting a squirrel. You can gently scare them away by saying "Go Away" through the Netvue app. And if that doesn’t work, try the flash light and alarm siren!


Get Better experience with Birdfy Feeder

Birdfy Feeder is a perfect bird feeder plus a perfect camera to attract birds to eat, allowing you to capture cute bird moments and identify birds with Bird Recognition Skill.

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